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The purpose of this web site is to increase the awareness of these King of fishes, and to show that they can be bred and reared in the UK. All Ranchu shown are fish that have either been owned or bred by myself (unless shown otherwise).  Are the fish shown perfect, no they are not as this is very much a work in progress. As the web site builds I will try and add information and views from others that will help us all in our endeavours of breeding the best fish possible.


All my fish are from proven Japanese bloodlines and are kept as close as possible to the ways that the Japanese masters adhere to.


Gallery. I have included a picture gallery including other peoples Ranchu, if you would like your fish included please contact me via the contact page.


The 2016 Season


Due to ongoing personal problems I have decided that my Ranchu keeping/breeding will have to be rested for the foreseeble future. When I return to activity it will be posted here.

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