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I have had an interest in Ranchu for some 30 years, ever since I first saw them at a fish show held at Alexandra Palace. Once I had cast my eyes upon them I had to obtain some for myself, then started an interest that was to last for years. In those early days I had to leave the Ranchu alone and concentrate on helping to raise a family, as our children were growing up I kept my interest in fish alive with an assortment of tropical fish tanks (not as time conuming as Ranchu).  On moving house I built a 4,000 gallon Koi pond and kept and showed them but in 2008 I could not resist the temptation to return to breeding Ranchu. I managed to import a bloodline from Japan and then started to work on developing this fish. Keeping Ranchu in traditional ways is not for the faint hearted, it takes a lot of hard work and time, but as you sort through a seasons youngsters and see a few little gems the hard work is soon forgotten.


I have made many good friends through Ranchu and I hope that through this web site I will make many more.


All my fish are what is now known as TVR, although in my opinion the Japanese breeders although taking into account the overall balance of the fish they have only ever bred them for viewing from the top, therefore the majority of pictures are taken from the top, with a few showing side view.


The Ranchu shown on this page are a few of my own fish (click on the image to enlarge).

IMG_2377 IMG_2376 IMG_2674