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I personally like the tail on this fish, it is in proportion to the overall body size. Thw angle between peduncle and tail is about right. The colour spread into the tail gives it definition. It does lack a defined bracelet dividing tail and peduncle. This fish was fourth at the 2014 GSGB show and First/Grand Champion at the 2014 UKRA show.

This fish had all the right attributes when first looking at the tail, however as the fish develped the tail started to flair upwards. The angle between tail and peduncle is a little low. Colour definition on the tail is good has a bracelet but the tail core intrudes into the bracelet.

On this fish it can be clearly (or maybe not so) seen why coloured tails fins are prefered over white, when viewed in a white bowl they are hard to see and can make the fish seem out of proportion. This fish has a nice bracelet. Angle of tail about right, the tail lobs sweep back a little. White ranchu had until recent years not fared well in ranchu competitions held in Japan.

This Ranchu came 1st at the GSGB 2014 open show but was not well enough to shw at the UKRA show a month later. The tail is well proportioned, the color helps define it, angle is good but again lacks a nice clear bracelet.

This particular bloodline tends to have well proportioned and strong tails, a nice clean tail split, good angle, pity the colour does not stretch to the lobs as it would be more clerly visible. This Ranchu came 3rd at the UKRA 2014 show. I will try and add a better 3rd photo when time permits.

A few common tail faults.

I have selected five of my ranchu (all bred by myself) and shown a tail viewed from the top. a side view and an overall view, each of the five ranchu in question have a very defined split in the tail. I do not keep fish with joined tails, however I have previously kept back a few fish with tail faults so I could see how they develop and some are shown at the end of the attached gallery.